Your Dream Ring Brought To Life

Our team of custom jewellery designers at Mitch Graham are mindful of the fact that it’s your vision that is the centre of our ring design process, and we work with you to bring your dream ring to life. All our wedding rings and engagement rings are custom made, in your choice of metal. We work with a wide range of different metals and stones, ensuring that you can create your own unique piece with the assistance of one of our talented jewellers.

For more information about our custom made wedding jewellery in Brisbane, feel free to get in touch with us on 0400 297 141 or email us. Call today to discuss creating wedding rings to suit your own individual style.

Jewellery Design

At Mitch Graham, we pride ourselves in having some of Brisbane’s most talented custom jewellery designers on our team. Each designer has been picked for their experience, skill level and the way in which they can meet customer specifications.

Wedding Rings

Jewellery To Be Enjoyed For Generations To Come

Wedding bands and engagement rings, in particular, are often seen as family heirlooms and may be passed down and enjoyed by future generations. We understand this significance, and that wedding bands and engagement rings are not just made for your wedding day but should last for decades to come. That is why we only use the highest quality materials and use extreme precision when creating these custom pieces. While we take all of your design ideas on board, we also ensure that the end result will remain appealing and attractive for decades to come.

Engagement Rings

A Token of Your Commitment

Start your new life together with a set of rings that truly symbolise your loyalty and love. At Mitch Graham, we understand the significance that wedding bands and engagements rings hold and we do our part to ensure that the jewellery that symbolises your special day is of the highest quality and will be held dear for years to come.