Frequently Asked Questions

Do they offer a large range of fabrics and in particular a customer's choice of fabric for a custom-made suit?

Custom suits can have any fabric/colour. Off the rack range is limited by the fabrics and colours supplied by my local supplier.

What would the time frame be form having the fitting, to picking up your suit?

Lead time for ordering off the rack suits is 2 weeks.

Can adjustments be done after collecting a suit, if the person's body shape changes?

2-4 weeks for alterations on top of that, depending on how busy the alterations team is. We ask clients to be mindful of changes in weight. We can accommodate small changes in body shape. The average person tends to not change more than 1 size over a 12 month period.

Can I Wear a Suit Without a Tie?

Depends on the occasion

How Can I Prevent from My Suit from Wrinkling?

Hang it on an appropriate suit hanger when you are not wearing it.

Material Should I Choose?

Try to stick to wool, its a perfect balance of warmth as well as breathe-ability. High quality wool lasts longer.

How Do I Care for a Suit?

Dont ever put anything in the pockets of your suit jacket as the weight and gravity of the item distorts the suit making it saggy. If possible, put it in the suit bag when hanging it up. Depending on the frequency you wear the suit, you should make a habit of getting it dry-cleaned once a quarter.

What Accessories should I Wear with my Suit?

Tie, Tie bar, watch, cufflinks. Dont over-accessorize, let the suit speak for itself.

What is an 'Off the Rack' Suit?

Is a suit that is pre-made ready to buy. We order a fresh one in your size as is.

How do I find the right size?

I measure you in my showroom to get the perfect fit.

Do you custom fit suits?

Yes we do custom suits. We collaborate with the client, encouraging them to bring some creative inspiration in the form of photos of what they are wanting the end product to look like.

Price range?

Off-the-rack starts at $350 up to $550. Custom suits start from $1000

Time needed for a fitting

​I usually allocate an hour for each client to give them the time they deserve

How long the process takes from measure to pick up?

From measuring to pick up is 4-6 weeks.

Average pricing for those

​Custom (2 piece) suits start from $1000, custom shirts between $150 to $200 depending fabric, etc.
I also offer a mobile tailoring service where I go to offices for those business professionals/real estate agents/ lawyers who find it hard to find time to get out.